Environmental Consulting

The sweet spot!

Finding that sweet spot – where we protect our most precious natural resources and promote business growth – that’s what drives us. We know we can support both our natural environment and the businesses that our communities rely on for economic stability.

For more than 40 years, LaBella has provided comprehensive environmental consulting and engineering services for our partners. We’ve mastered the sweet spot and know what it takes to get there – innovation, persistence, hard work, and communication. We ask the right questions, explore options, facilitate discussions, and partner with our clients to get the job done on time, on budget, and on point. Our approach allows our clients to achieve their goals while safeguarding our communities.

Talk to a LaBella Expert

Greg Senecal, CHMM
Senior Vice President & Executive Director of Climate & Environment
Rochester, NY

(585) 295-6243

Jennifer Gillen, PG
Director of Environmental Services
Rochester, NY

(585) 295-6648

Dan Noll ,PE
Senior Environmental Engineer
Rochester, NY

(585) 295-6611

Rob Napieralski, CPG
Great Lakes Environmental Manager
Buffalo, NY

(716) 551-6283 x7101

Emerging Contaminants


Recent research has identified certain chemicals previously used in industrial and manufacturing processes as hazardous to human health. These emerging contaminants, often called “forever chemicals” due to their resiliency in collection and treatment, have been subject to varying degrees of regulation.

LaBella has worked with communities to successfully monitor and treat contamination.

Emerging Contaminants
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