Working on the cutting edge of the energy industry, our team develops solutions for our clients that meet their needs in a resilient, efficient, and environmentally conscious manner.

LaBella’s dedicated energy team recognizes the important role that building efficiency and distributed energy resources plays in combating climate change. Focusing on building efficiency, decarbonization strategies, and design and implementation of renewable energy technologies, our team has the expertise and drive to help our communities pave the road to a more efficient, resilient, cost-effective, and sustainable future.

Since 2004, LaBella’s team of energy engineers has been providing our clients with professional services including energy audits, energy performance contract administration, energy master plans, net zero and sustainable design services, distributed/renewable energy design, and turnkey design-build services. We work closely with each client to maximize return on investment and help them achieve their energy and sustainability goals.

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Energy Services We Offer

Building Efficiency

Our team has experience performing ASHRAE Level I, II, and III Energy Audits to identify opportunities for energy conservation and has licensed engineers with experience taking energy projects from their conception all the way through design and construction. Our analysis is focused on improving building envelope, HVAC systems, lighting systems, and building controls.


Our team has a wealth of experience developing electrification and decarbonization strategies for both existing buildings and new construction. Utilizing the industry’s newest and most efficient technologies, we are able to advise on the most cost-effective solutions that meet resiliency goals and mitigate strain on surrounding electric infrastructure. 


Our energy group has a record of delivering successful design-build projects under our NYPA term contract. Typically ranging from the feasibility stages all the way through design and construction management, our team has the expertise to deliver on a wide range of projects including building envelope improvements, HVAC upgrades, integration of distributed energy resources, and complex controls system replacements.

Energy Master Planning

Taking a top-down approach, our team identifies the long-term needs for facilities at a system-level and develops long-term plans for facilities that optimize efficiency and works towards meeting energy, resiliency, and sustainability goals. We work with facility staff to understand funding mechanisms in place and plans for expansion in order to create flexible plans that account for change.

Net Zero/Sustainability

Teaming with our architecture and sustainable design groups, we are able to help clients achieve both net zero carbon and net zero energy designs. Through the optimization of building envelope, HVAC systems, and on-site generation, we can deliver high-quality feasibility and design services that meet all of our clients needs.

Distributed/Renewable Generation

Our team consists of industry experts in the field of distributed generation. We are able to serve our clients with engineering design of solar PV, battery storage systems, thermal storage systems, geothermal systems, combined heat and power, and EV charging.


With increased focus on electrification and decarbonization, geothermal heating and cooling systems present an opportunity to leverage the earth as a thermal resource to maximize building efficiencies and reduce strain on the electric grid. Our team has certified geo-exchange designers on staff with expertise to design individual geothermal systems as well as large district geothermal systems.

Grant Writing Assistance

Leveraging decades of experience, our team has demonstrated success developing applications for grants to secure funding for a variety of projects.

Energy Performance Contracting Administration

Our team assists clients with the administration of energy performance contracts to help stabilize their current and future operating costs. As an independent party, we are able to help our clients navigate their way through the implementation of cost-effective capital improvement projects.

Powering the Future

Ranging from small-scale rooftop PV systems to large microgrids and district systems, our team has dedicated engineers that work on the cutting edge of our industry to design and implement distributed generation technologies. From peak shaving to net-zero facilities, we have the tools and demonstrated experience to help you meet your energy goals.

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Providing Optimal Comfort at Lower Costs

Our team has engineers with the expertise to take projects from the audit/feasibility stages all the way through engineering design and construction. Whether it’s small commercial buildings, hospitals, or university campuses – our team can identify opportunities for energy efficiency improvements and deliver on projects that reduce costs and improve energy performance.

Cost Assistance Programs

LaBella has been an approved NYSERDA FlexTech contractor since 2004. We actively utilize many of their programs to help our clients maximize incentives and rebates. LaBella has been an approved NYSERDA FlexTech contractor since 2004. We actively utilize many of their programs to help our clients maximize incentives and rebates.

Current Funding Opportunities

Ray Brook’s Biomass Boiler featured in Multiple Publications

A new biomass boiler heating loop in New York’s Essex County, Ray Brooke, was designed to cut greenhouse gas emissions by more than 391 tons a year. Running on wood pellets, this renewable source of energy will provide 1,400 gallons of thermal storage, 2,500 feet of hot water distribution piping, and an opportunity for demonstrative and educational interest by students and visitors alike.

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