Sixmile Creek Wetland Delineation and Endangered Species Assessment

Bog Turtle and Gray Petaltail Dragonfly Habitat Assessment for Sixmile Creek Gas Pipeline Exposure Project

Dominion Transmission, Inc. lowered their existing LN-1 and LN-31 natural gas pipelines at Sixmile Creek in Dryden, New York, where the pipelines were exposed and damaged during heavy flooding that scoured the stream channel.

Land Services Group / Cunningham Surveyors selected LaBella as a subcontractor to perform a wetland delineation along with threatened and endangered species due diligence for the project area.

LaBella performed a habitat assessment for the federally threatened, New York State endangered bog turtle (Glyptemys muhlenbergii). Our team noted the soil, vegetation community, and hydrology characteristics of each wetland to determine if any wetland was suitable bog turtle habitat.

We did not identify any wetlands that had the hydrology characteristics bog turtle prefer, nor were any muck soils or tussock forming vegetation species identified in any wetland. Furthermore, the project proposed only temporary disturbance to the wetlands and utilized timber mats to cross the wetlands for access to the work area. Therefore, our team was able to propose a No Effect Determination for bog turtle for the project.

Consultation with the New York Natural Heritage Program (NYNHP) identified another New York State species of special concern – the gray petaltail dragonfly (Tachopteryx thoreyi). LaBella surveyed the project area for gray petaltail dragonfly individuals and habitat. No gorges or glens with hillside seepages were located within the study area and no gray petaltail dragonfly individuals were observed in the study area. As a result of these findings, a conclusion was reached that the project would have no effect on the gray petaltail dragonfly.