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Energy Performance Contracting Allows Your Capital Improvements to Pay for Themselves

For decades, LaBella has helped our K-12 clients improve their end-use energy efficiency and reduce annual utility expenditures. Our firm offers a specialized energy discipline that can provide a variety of energy solutions for districts.

The notion of undertaking an Energy Performance Contract (EPC) can be an intimidating and time-consuming proposition, but these projects can offer much-needed capital improvements and budget relief. How? Simply put, an EPC project pays for itself. The energy savings amortize the capital cost of the project.

EPC projects are eligible for state aid, can be funded without issuing a bond, and are not subject to voter approval or competitive bidding. By including a third-party professional organization such as LaBella in the early stages of a project, you’re ensuring the process is as valuable as possible.

LaBella’s services include identification and review of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs), RFP assistance, RFI responses, bid evaluation, interview assistance, engineering design services, and SED approval process. All of these services can be done at no upfront cost to the District, as our fees are paid by the EPC contractor.

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