Organic Waste Management

From operational support to complete facility design and long-term financial analysis, LaBella can meet our clients’ organics processing and management needs.

Our compost engineering focuses on site design, permitting, and helping our clients meet regulatory requirements. In addition, LaBella offers a complete array of services to support our clients, not only in compliance, but also in evaluating the operation from a financial perspective.

LaBella works with our clients to determine changes to operations that may reduce cost and improve the end product. Simple changes to the process can have a meaningful impact on the final product. And when the product is improved, the value increases. Our objective is to make sure the facility is operating as efficiently as possible, and we accomplish this by looking at the facility, watching the operation, and – most importantly – talking with the operators.

We also support mulching operations by providing our Compost Operator Training Course, which was designated by the South Carolina Department of Environmental Services (SCDES) as an approved operator certification course in 2021. Our instructors are experienced with South Carolina regulations and are experts in the composting field.

Talk to a LaBella Expert

Jenny Johnson
Vice President, Director of Waste & Recycling
Richmond, VA

(804) 980-7462

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The article is available in PDF format (see page 10).

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