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LaBella Honored Across New York State With Six APWA NY Chapter Regional Project of the Year Awards!

Last month, LaBella traveled around New York State attending all four American Public Works Association (APWA) New York Chapter regional annual meetings and awards ceremonies. Throughout the regions, LaBella was honored to win six APWA New York Chapter Regional Public Works Project of the Year Awards in the Transportation, Environmental, and Structures categories.

The APWA Public Works Project of the Year Award was established to promote excellence in the management, administration, and implementation of public works projects by recognizing the alliance between the managing agency, the consultant/architect/engineer, and the contractor who work together to complete public works projects.

LaBella is proud of the partnerships we maintain with our clients and the continued efforts our team members invest in these projects that create a positive impact within these communities.

More information about these exciting projects can be found below! Please scroll down to learn more about each.

APWA Genesee Valley Branch – Project of the Year – Transportation < $5m

City of Elmira – Lake Street Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge

This 550-foot-long, seven-span bridge over the Chemung River, formerly a vehicular bridge with traditional sidewalks, had been closed for many years due to its deteriorated condition. The availability of TAP funding enabled the City of Elmira to transform the existing bridge into a safe destination for pedestrians and bicyclists as well as reestablish a missing connection from the south side of the Chemung River to the central business district of the City. Public involvement was a critical component of the project due to its importance to the community.

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APWA Genesee Valley Branch – Project of the Year – Environmental $5-25m

Village of Clyde – Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

Recognizing the need to be proactive, the Village of Clyde sought to upgrade and modernize its half-century old wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). After a preliminary engineering report revealed several major deficiencies, new equipment was designed and installed, which enhanced overall plant efficiency, supported staff operation and maintenance, and helped the facility maintain compliance with necessary permits. The improvements ensure that the Village of Clyde WWTP will meet the needs of the residents for the next 30 years.

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APWA Capital Branch – Project of the Year – Environmental < $5m

Town of Stillwater – East Street Neighborhood Watermain Replacement

In recent years, the Town of Stillwater’s water system has been prone to frequent water main breaks in the Riverside Area, posing a significant maintenance cost to the district and causing service interruptions (approximately 520 service connections), low system pressure, and reduced available capacity (flows) and operating pressure. The project replaced approximately 3,700 linear feet of aged infrastructure, resulting in an improved water supply system, providing increased available capacity and service reliability for residents in the area.

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APWA Capital Branch – Project of the Year – Structures < $5m

Village of Hudson Falls – Moran-Derby Park

When Derby Park, an iconic site in the community, saw a decline in attendance, the Village of Hudson Falls desired to reprogram the recreational facilities, anchoring the Park with a new soccer field, softball field, pickleball courts, basketball court, and a quarter-mile perimeter walking path with two flexible event spaces. A napkin sketch, an enthusiastic committee, a generous donation, and a successful Consolidated Funding Application led to the newly named Moran-Derby Park, a $1.8-million community athletic complex and festival space that has reenergized this small community and will continue to do so for years to come.

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APWA Central Branch – Project of the Year – Structures $5-25m

Town of Mohawk Fire District – New Fire Station

The new fire station, designed to meet the Town of Mohawk Fire District’s current needs as well as growth projections for the community, includes an apparatus bay with seven fire bays, Firematic support spaces, office and training space, a day room, a full commercial kitchen, and community space. The design’s overall efficiency, particularly in minimizing wasted/unused space while ensuring the required safety and operating clearances were maintained, was of paramount importance. Community engagement also played a pivotal role in the project’s success. Public forums were conducted during the design phase, serving as a platform to inform the community of the proposed project and address community concerns.

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APWA Western Branch – Project of the Year – Structures < $5m

City of Hornell – Union Square Park

Union Square Park is a passive urban green space that features unique public gathering spaces linked together by an integrated walkway network. The park includes a raised stage, a covered pavilion, and an at-grade water feature, as well as green space with trees and shrubs around the concrete plaza. The City of Hornell plans on using the site for various community events (i.e., festivals, musical performances, holiday activities, farmers markets), which led to the design of wider sidewalks for truck and trailer access and heavy-duty power outlets to accommodate food trucks and other vendors.

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