Town of Plattsburgh Community Planning

LaBella Associates has assisted the Town of Plattsburgh with a number of planning initiatives over the years as the Town has proactively planned for growth and sought to attract investment in its Town Center as well as new manufacturing businesses to the Town.

Through multiple community planning efforts, the Town has effectively established a transportation and aerospace hub, attracting investment from Novabus, BAE, Bombardier, and Norks Titanium, and is well positioned to uphold its successful sustainable smart growth strategy.

Below is a sampling of community planning projects LaBella has completed with the Town of Plattsburgh.

Community Planning Projects With the Town of Plattsburgh

Town Center Smart Growth Plan & Form-Based Code Zoning

LaBella was selected by the Town of Plattsburgh to develop a Town Center Smart Growth Plan that provides a framework to manage growth in a rapidly developing commercial area of the Town. Through this plan, which was funded through the Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) process, the Town hopes to encourage a denser mixed-use development and a variety of housing styles.

Additionally, LaBella completed the preparation of a Form-Based Code (FBC) zoning regulation and design standards. Our team prepared a new regulating map that adheres to smart growth, transect zoning principles. The work includes smart-code format zoning standards for the new Town Center districts and an official map that depicts the new roadway layout as well as the corresponding SEQR evaluation. Related work involves revisions to the Town’s highway design standards to include complete street principles, green infrastructure design practices, and new parking standards. LaBella is also helping the Town coordinate with the New York State Department of Transportation on the redevelopment of the NYS Route 3 Corridor.

Comprehensive Plan

The Town of Plattsburgh is the commercial and employment center of Clinton County and, as such, it faces a variety of growth and management challenges. LaBella initially assisted the Town in the development of a Comprehensive Plan that explores ways to attract a new generation of manufacturing businesses to the Town that takes advantage of its proximity to Canadian markets and the Adirondack Northway (I-87). Public participation involved a series of neighborhood meetings and stakeholder interviews.

The plan identifies strategies for improving the appearance and design of the Town’s commercial centers, improving and rehabilitating housing stock, and reuse opportunities for the former Clinton County Airport property. The plan also includes a clear implementation schedule outlining roles and responsibilities.

Recreation Master Plan

LaBella prepared a master plan for the Town of Plattsburgh’s park system, which consists of 11 parks and shared facilities with several school districts. Our team conducted an inventory of facilities at each park, met with various stakeholders, and led a public outreach process. Based on an assessment of the Town’s changing demographics, recommendations included additional facilities and programs for seniors, more trails, and added water access facilities.