Five Rivers Environmental Education Center LEED Services

11,300 Square Feet of Energy-Efficient Building Design at Five Rivers Environmental Education Center

LaBella provided LEED-enhanced commissioning and energy modeling services for the new Five Rivers Environmental Education Center for the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. In collaboration with Envision Architects and AOW Associates, LaBella has also provided documentation assistance for a range of sustainable construction credits. The project has achieved LEED Platinum Certification.

The new education center is approximately 11,300 sq. ft. and includes a Visitor Center and a Guided School Program Building. The Visitor Center houses an exhibition hall with educational displays, as well as classrooms and multipurpose spaces for school and public functions. The Guided School Program building supports educational programs that promote awareness and appreciation of New York State’s environment. The buildings also contain offices, meeting rooms, and workspace for the onsite DEC staff.

The buildings’ infrastructure consists of HVAC systems that have been designed to optimize energy efficiency through the use of geothermal heating and cooling, energy recovery ventilation, and occupant-controllable natural ventilation systems. Lighting systems consist of high-efficiency LED fixtures, occupancy controls, and automatic scheduling for exhibit hall and site lighting. The solar photovoltaic system is calculated to generate 40% of the facilities’ average annual electricity requirements.
Based on modeling results, the building is expected to be 42% more energy efficient compared to a baseline building meeting the requirements of ASHRAE 90.1-2007.

Through LaBella’s modeling efforts the project has been successfully awarded 19 points under EAc1 – Optimized Energy Performance credit and 7 points under EAc2 – Onsite Renewable Energy credit, which are the maximum available points for both the credits. In addition to the modeling services, LaBella has provided assistance with the review and submission of 12 construction period LEED credits.