Hasbro Game Park at The Strong National Museum of Play

Jump Into the Game at This Larger-Than-Life Park

The Strong National Museum of Play recently underwent a multi-phase expansion project. Historically attracting more than 500,000 visitors to downtown Rochester annually, this number is projected to double as result of the expansion. The 17,000-square-foot, outdoor Hasbro Game Park allows visitors to jump “into the game!” The design philosophy for the park was to provide a space that is fun for both adults and children.

Visitors stroll along a colorful path amid a towering Candy Land candy cane forest, giant Scrabble tiles, a massive Scottie dog game piece from Monopoly, a working life-sized Simon game board, a Game of Life merry-go-round, a Jenga playground, Trivial Pursuit benches, Monopoly houses, a race car game piece, gameboard-themed fencing, and a Dungeons & Dragons fire-breathing dragon.

Services Provided

LaBella’s Role

Read more about how LaBella was involved with this unique project.

Civil Engineering

The civil engineering team designed the drainage system, including the numerous field drains throughout the garden and underdrainage for the game/play areas, and coordinated foundation designs for the various game/play features. Artificial turf was installed for fall protection specified for all play areas consisting of a 3-inch fine gravel layer, a 1.5-inch safety foam layer, and multi-layered synthetic turf with rubber granulated infill. Foundations for the custom game pieces were designed and installed around existing shallow utilities and constructed within a compact work zone while the museum was operational.

Landscape Architecture

The landscape architects assisted with the layout of the site, production of the landscape plan, layout of the lighting, orchestrating the exact location of ‘game’ sculptures, fine tuning of grading, and selection of materials such as epoxy coating on walkway squares, resilient artificial turf surface, lighting products, decorative fencing, boulders, and stone products.

Electrical Engineering

The electrical engineering team prepared plans and specifications for the installation of an extensive power supply system to many of the features, as well as lighting. Lighting consists of LED uplighting for the various play features, bollard pathway lighting for nighttime use of the park, and security lighting of the area and beneath the canopy.

Game Park Highlights
At the center of the park stands a massive 14-foot-long, 10-foot-high Scottie dog game piece from Monopoly and giant Scrabble tiles.
Roll the die and take your chances with an 18-foot-high, fire-breathing, five-headed dragon from the game Dungeons & Dragons or test your memory on an oversized game of Simon.
Take a spin on the wheelchair-accessible carousel spinner from the Game of Life, walk through the Candy Cane Forest, or climb on the giant wooden Jenga pieces.
Play at the Monopoly In Jail/Just Visiting area.
Play in the scaled-up hotel and house pieces from Monopoly or take a rest on a Trivial Pursuit shaped planter with wedge piece benches.

Step Into the Game

A virtual walk-through rendering of the Hasbro Game Park was created using Lumion.