Huntington Hills Center Road Slope Improvement

Road Slope Improvement Project Ensures Safety and Connectivity for Residents

A critical 200-foot section of Huntington Hills Center Road in the Town of Irondequoit was deteriorating, posing a significant risk to a group of residents who depended on it as their only point of egress in the area. Addressing this issue quickly and effectively via a slope improvement project was essential to ensure resident safety and maintain access. The construction was carefully scheduled to minimize disruption, with emergency vehicle access restricted for only one day.

LaBella completed a geotechnical subsurface investigation as part of this project. This included collecting vital data and performing a detailed slope stability analysis on the failing section of the road, where the vertical height of the slope was approximately 35 feet at its highest point. Based on our analysis (see image below), we provided guidelines for updated slope geometry and construction considerations to ensure a durable, safe, and long-lasting roadway.

Our geotechnical engineers also oversaw the construction phase of the project, evaluating the contractor’s daily activities for compliance with the recommendations presented in the geotechnical report and approved plans. This included, but was not limited to, the following:

  • Evaluating the exposed sub-grade before filling
  • Inspecting the imported fill materials for compliance
  • Overseeing benching of the existing slope during fililng
  • Proof rolling the sub-base prior to paving

In addition to our geotechnical efforts, LaBella’s Transportation team handled the road reconstruction design and prepared detailed plan drawings for the project, while our Survey team conducted surveying activities to support the design process.