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Athletic Fields Under Water?

Eastridge High School’s baseball team often had to postpone, relocate, or cancel their home games due to unplayable field conditions. The outfield was consistently saturated following spring time snowmelt and rain. To resolve this issue and increase playability, LaBella worked with East Irondequoit Central School District and designed a new multi-purpose synthetic turf field. Because synthetic turf is considered impervious under New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) regulations, a stormwater management facility also needed to be designed. There was only enough space for the new athletic field. A detention pond was not feasible.

To resolve this, an underground stormwater chamber system was designed for installation beneath the new turf field to collect, detain, and eventually discharge stormwater at a designed flow rate. These underground chambers provide a place for stormwater to be stored without occupying real estate that an above ground pond would require. The polypropylene chambers provide a cost-effective solution and are easy to install. Chambers and piping for an entire system can be installed in a few short days. The ribbed arch design distributes loads into the surrounding stone resulting in a high strength system allowing for installation under various surfaces including parking lots. Chambers can be ordered in a variety of depths and configured to fit almost any site. The chamber system was installed in conjunction with a stormwater proprietary practice to meet current NYSDEC regulations for stormwater quantity and quality.

Construction of the new Eastridge multi-purpose athletic field was completed this summer. The Eastridge baseball team will have a reliable field to play on in the spring 2018.

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