Lackawanna Trail

Former Railroad Bend Becomes Multi-Use Trail

The Lackawanna Rail Trail sits on a former Erie-Lackawanna Railroad bend. The trail is great for walking, running, biking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing.

This $0.75 million multi-use trail project included the following:

Scoping Report: This is a LAFA planning project completed by Labella for Chemung County ($25K). The study included inventory and analysis for approximately 5.5 miles of multi-use trail along I-86 & the Chemung River. The report considered parking lot alternatives, multiple trail surfaces, ROW considerations, scenic overlooks, interpretive themes, safety considerations, river access, bridge retrofitting, environmental & archeological impacts and detailed cost estimates. An advisory committee was convened.

Phase I Trail: LaBella provided design & inspection services for the portion of trail within the City of Elmira. This project was funded by a State Parks Grant administered by City ($240K). The project encompassed: decking and structural modifications to a 19th century railroad bridge; stream bank stabilization; trail construction and NYSDEC permitting.

Phase III Trail: LaBella is providing design & inspection for the 5.0 miles of trail south of the City of Elmira. This portion of the trail is a LAFA project administered by Chemung County ($550K).