Diversity & Inclusion

For too long, the A/E/C industry has not reflected the communities that we serve. We heard from our current employees that our culture is our greatest strength, but with many groups underrepresented or missing, we know that there is still work to be done.

At LaBella, our motto has always been, “our strength is in our diversity.”  For many years, that led us to make investments in adding services, geographies, and clients.  Recognizing that our motto holds true for diversity in all facets, we have made a conscious investment to increase the diversity of our workforce.  As we’ve begun this important work, we’ve set a course for a holistic approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Like any important undertaking, we’ve given this initiative the resources it requires.  Working with an expert consultant in this area, we’re making tangible steps to ensure that LaBella is a force for progress across our industries and communities.  These steps are set forth by our Inclusion Council, which works closely with our leadership team on progress and accountability.


Working with our Inclusion Council on DEI initiatives has been particularly rewarding for me. Over my thirty year career in engineering, I’ve seen how diverse project teams positively impact our ability to problem-solve. We’ve got to get people of different backgrounds, skillsets, and life experiences in the room, and then we have to make sure they’re able to speak up. Anything less short-changes all of us.Steve Metzger