Trail Design

Connecting our communities and landscapes.

No two trail/transportation corridor projects are alike. But one thing always remains the same – a successful trail design begins with the community it serves. We seek meaningful ways to connect with the client and the community early in the design process. What we learn from those connections defines a “successful” trail design and will ultimately help us deliver one. This process typically begins with public outreach, design charrettes, and advisory groups – all important components to a successful project with community “buy-in”. Then follows trail section analysis and design.

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Brit G. Basinger, RLA
Senior Landscape Architect, Team Leader
Albany, Ny

(518) 266-7356

Our Capabilities

Our Trail team has planned and designed over 60 miles of new and/or improved trail systems. For these projects, our services typically include:

  • Stakeholder Group Development
  • Establishment of Design Criteria Meeting the Intent & Needs of the Proposed Trail System (e.g., Pedestrians & Bicyclists Only, Authorized Motorized Vehicles Such as Emergency Vehicles/ATVs/Snowmobiles, Equestrian Use)
  • Trail Section & Surface Evaluation (e.g., Material Reclamation, Stone Dust, Chip Seal, Fog Seal, Slurry, Asphalt, Concrete)
  • Conceptual Designs
  • Evaluation of Environmental Concerns (e.g., Historic, Plant & Animal, Hazardous Wastes, Contaminated Materials, Wetlands, Water Quality)
  • Safety Evaluation (e.g., Railing Systems, Sight Distances, Access, Road Crossings)
  • Report Documentation & Plan Development
  • Itemized Quantity & Cost Estimates
  • Contractor Bidding & Award Review
  • Construction Inspection
  • Municipal Funding Review & Reimbursement Assistance
  • Project Closeout
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