Ecological Construction & Restoration

Assisting the recovery of ecosystems that have been disturbed.

Whether there is a need to control invasive plant species, mitigate wetland impacts from development, or restore streams and shorelines for climate resilience, LaBella’s Ecological Construction and Restoration team offers a variety of ecological and restoration services for public, private, and utility sector clients.

LaBella’s team initiates or accelerates the restoration of an ecosystem that has been disturbed either by nature or man. Common disturbances include hurricanes, floods, invasive species, erosion, and development. And with the collaboration of our in-house colleagues—design engineers, climate specialists, landscape architects, environmental professionals, and permitting specialists—we offer the efficiencies of a full-service consulting and contracting firm.

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Habitat Restoration

LaBella provides invasive species control and planting of native grasses, wildflowers, shrubs, and tree species to restore habitat to its natural condition or create new habitat for migratory birds, fish nurseries, wildlife, and pollinating insects. Invasive plant species are controlled though mechanical methods and the use of herbicides applied by certified applicators.

Stream & Shoreline Restoration

Our construction teams provide stream and shoreline restoration services to enhance habitat, protect adjacent properties, reduce erosion and sediment loss, and improve public access for recreational activities. In addition to removal of man-made structures, natural materials such as rock, logs, and native plants are used to stabilize banks and shorelines to reduce erosion from stormwater flows and wave action.

Wetland Mitigation & Construction

Wetlands provide crucial ecological functions, including water quality improvement, flood abatement, and wildlife habitat. LaBella provides construction services to mitigate wetland loss due to permitted development or construct new wetland banks. Our experienced team provides excavation; grading; and tree, aquatic, and wildflower planting to restore wetlands and create new habitats.

Full-Service Design & Construction Capabilities

In conjunction with our Permitting & Compliance Department and Civil Engineering Division, LaBella has the ability to offer turnkey design and construction for mitigation, restoration, and climate resilience projects.

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