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Readying landfills for reuse.

LaBella provides innovative, flexible, and cost-effective solutions for the closure of solid waste management facilities. For example, we frequently permit and bid multiple cap sections based on regulatory requirements and site-specific conditions. In addition, we provide a range of related design, permitting, bidding, construction administration (CA), and construction quality assurance (CAQ) services. We have provided and managed CA/CQA services for over 50 landfill closure cap construction projects.

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Video Case Study

Louisa County Landfill Artificial Turf Closure

When it came time for Louisa County to construct a final closure cap on their 14-acre, unlined sanitary landfill, they turned to LaBella’s Waste & Recycling team (Joyce Engineering, at the time) for options and analysis. Our evaluation considered many factors, including gas and leachate control, groundwater and drainage, erosion and resulting maintenance, and initial and long term costs.

Watch the video to hear Butch Joyce and Jenny Johnson discuss the artificial turf closure project at Louisa County landfill, the first closure of its kind in Virginia.

Check out the image gallery below for more on the installation of the closure system.

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Louisa County Landfill Artificial Turf Closure

The County ultimately chose ClosureTurf ®, an artificial turf cap system. Though more expensive than a natural grass cover at the outset, ClosureTurf ® was calculated to provide a 3 year payback in reduced maintenance (mowing and erosion repair). Because the artificial turf requires less soil, there was room for an additional 45,000 cubic yards of waste in the permitted airspace, prior to closure.

From bottom to top, the closure system consisted of: an intermediate cover soil foundation, a 50-mil LLDPE structured geomembrane layer (which will offer savings on future piggyback expansion lining), an engineered artificial turf layer, a 0.5″ sand ballast layer, and cement-lined stormwater conveyance channels.

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LaBella has been working with the City of Martinsville, Virginia on waste and recycling projects since the 1980s. This is an overview of our partnership.
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