Gas Utility Engineering

Whether you need a pipeline replacement, new facility, or inspection services, our natural gas expertise delivers.

LaBella’s proficiency in gas design varies from small to largescale gas main replacements, regulator stations, highway improvements, and more. We have worked hand in hand with federal and state regulatory agencies throughout the Eastern United States and are familiar with all regulations and compliance issues involved with natural gas projects. We are fluent in the language, practices, and design standards required.

Our team is prepared to offer safe and effective solutions to natural gas producers, processors, and distributors. Employee training is being conducted through Gas Technical Institute (GTI) and the Northeast Gas Association (NGA) to ensure our staff is knowledgeable of the latest industry trends as well as ever-changing regulatory requirements.

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Systems Engineering

At LaBella, systems engineers focus on gas transportation through the design of new, modified, and/or replacement pipelines.

Our systems engineers are responsible for:

  • Network analyses
  • Routing studies
  • Compliance driven replacements, including leak prone mains and services
  • System improvements
  • Main extensions
  • New business
  • Right-of-way acquisition
  • Municipal driven relocations (highway work)
  • Pressure uprating
  • Tie-in design
  • Energization and de-energization procedure development

Integrity Engineering

Our integrity engineers focus on addressing both internal and external corrosion of existing pipelines. While coordinating closely with the field services staff making the assessment, our engineers review the data collected, evaluate repair-replace criteria for compliance, and offer a best path forward to our clients.

Facilities Engineering

Our facilities engineers design metering and regulation sets ranging from:

  • Small commercial services
  • Purchase points that feed entire cities
  • Compressor stations
  • In line heaters, filtration, and separation equipment
  • Over pressure protection
  • Odorization

They focus on pressure control at regulation or compression stations, as well as the instrumentation and controls required for those processes.

Purchase Point Metering and Regulating Stations Provide Utility Clients With Needed Gas Supply

Enscape Visualization fly throughs can assist stakeholders by conceptualizing 2D drawings without requiring technical knowledge.
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