Employees consistently choose to return to the office when they are better supported there for the task at hand than at home.

That means your workspace needs to work harder than ever - delivering brand, culture, efficiency, recruitment, and retention.

As like never before, office design encompasses a broad spectrum of functional requirements and cultural considerations. As a diversified firm, LaBella taps our healthcare team for effective approaches to employee wellness, our justice team for the latest in unobtrusive security, and our hospitality team for the amenities that attract employees. It helps that we have an award-winning culture of our own - who better to trust with your brand and employee experience?

Co-working spaces have long offered the variety of work setups and amenities that attract employees.
LaBella's in-house team addresses HVAC, lighting, and acoustics all from a single point of contact.
Whether conferencing in person, virtually, or a mix of both, the right set up makes all the difference in the successfulness of the interaction.
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Tracy Venette, CID, LEED AP
Senior Interior Designer

(585) 770-2570

“The designers, architects, and engineers far exceeded all our expectations… The colors, the light, the whole space speaks of high-tech creativity. It’s a space even Google would be jealous of.”Gordon Broderick
Research Team Director
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