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High-quality and thorough environmental review.

The importance of a high-quality environmental review cannot be understated. LaBella’s State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQR) and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) professionals are renowned for their knowledge in the field. Our team identifies and evaluates sensitive environmental, historic, and cultural resources and takes steps to achieve compliance with state and federal laws, including consultations with agencies such as New York’s State Historic Preservation Office. We ensure that projects are undertaken in a manner that protects sensitive resources, avoids adverse impacts, and enhances the character of the surrounding community.

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Leadership in the Environmental Review Process

SEQR Services

Our team has extensive experience assembling SEQR documentation for complicated projects with many interested and potentially conflicting parties. Our team has performed SEQR services for a wide range of clients, including commercial developers, municipalities, affordable housing developers, utilities, energy developers, and school districts. These projects have required coordination between multiple agencies, in-depth impact studies, and extensive efforts to involve and inform the public.

Under SEQR, a project is classified as Type I, Type II, or unlisted. For each project, LaBella will classify the project and determine appropriate next steps, including:

  • Completing the required environmental review form (short or long environmental assessment form)
  • Identification of involved agencies and circulation to these agencies
  • Preparation of EAF Parts 2 and 3, analyzing whether any aspect of the project will have a significant adverse impact on the environment
  • Drafting a legally sufficient determination of significance and publication in the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s Environmental Notice Bulletin

LaBella also has expertise preparing Environmental Impact Statements if the project receives a positive declaration by the lead agency. We can assist clients with navigating scoping, public comment processes, and other issues that may arise during the EIS review process.

In addition to SEQR compliance, we ensure that our clients are in compliance with other relevant laws and regulations such as the State and National Historic Preservation Acts, the State and Federal Endangered Species Acts, agricultural preservation regulations, and the Coastal Consistency laws and requirements at the state and federal level.

NEPA Services

LaBella also has extensive experience providing NEPA services to industrial, institutional, municipal, and agency clients. Our team has performed NEPA services for site development and revitalization projects, government buildings, affordable housing, municipal infrastructure, and historic structures and other projects. Some projects have been complex and controversial, requiring coordination between multiple agencies, intricate impact studies, and extensive efforts to involve and inform the public. Our focus is two-fold: expedience and procedural compliance. Thoughtful and creative presentation of project information to the public can be a critical factor in overall project approval and success.

Our services include:

  • Preparing and reviewing Categorical Exclusions, Environmental Assessments, and Environmental Impact Statements
  • Evaluation of environmental impacts as they relate to archeological and historical resources, wetlands, stormwater, wildlife, air, visual resources, traffic, parking, lighting, noise, and neighborhood/community character; and determining appropriate mitigation, if required
  • Assisting with permitting and other approvals (e.g., Army Corp of Engineers)
  • Coordinating review and consultation with the Federal and State Historic Preservation Offices for projects with potential impacts on historic or archeological resources
  • Compliance with the Federal Endangered Species Act and other federal laws and regulations


Other Services

  • Site Suitability reviews for NYS HCR and HFA funded projects
  • Explosive and Flammable Hazard Reports and Surveys
  • HUD Noise Assessment and the Day/Night Noise Level calculation, and a review of project-related noise impacts using the Sound Transmission Classification Assessment Tool (STraCAT)
  • Public Participation Plans complying with Commissioner Policy-29 Environmental Justice and Permitting (CP-29)
  • Due Diligence/Critical Issues Reports identifying permitting paths and key environmental issues
  • Municipal review services for development projects, including utility scale energy projects
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