More than just books - today's libraries are many things to many people.

Libraries are becoming multi-dimensional building typologies that offer a range of services. Our designs consider the diversity of patrons that engage with libraries - from young families to senior citizens. Most libraries are as unique as the communities in which they reside, with evolving programming and a future-focused mindset.

LaBella's portfolio has included suburban and community libraries, landmark libraries in city settings, and many K-12 and higher education library and media centers. In all cases, we work closely with stakeholders to bring their voice to the process. This includes library professionals, students, parents, and community members.

Our breadth of experience consists of municipal libraries as well as an abundance of K-12 public school and higher education libraries. This gives us a wide-range of benchmarks.
We often start with studies, building condition surveys, or help with funding or public information campaigns.
Our team has created thoughtful additions, strategic upgrades to tenant spaces, and designed new branches.
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