Electric Utilities

Comprehensive services to manage projects and programs for an evolving utility market.

Since 1984, LaBella has been providing the critical support that electric utilities need to keep their networks safe, resilient, and scalable. Over the years, design services that began with gas distribution and transmission have expanded include the design of large electric substations, transmission & distribution, environmental permitting, and project support through program management. LaBella’s diverse technical service offerings encompass all project phases with and the ability to deliver utility projects across multiple disciplines such as civil, electrical, mechanical, and structural. The long-time industry experience of LaBella's technical experts sets them apart as trusted resources with a strong commitment to our clients.

LaBella offers full-service solutions for your distribution projects, including Make Ready –pre/post conversion work, switching and tagging, pole guying, transforming sizing, voltage drop calculations, and street light conversion.
Utility Transformer
Substation Design Expertise for site upgrades, modifications, or Greenfield.
Electric Power Distribution
Exploring new horizons for sustainability.
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