Landfill Gas System Design & Operation & Management (O&M)

LaBella offers a wide variety of landfill gas collection and control system (LGCCS) design, bid phase, construction management, and O&M services for landfill gas systems.

We have provided a range of services associated with LGCCS design and construction at more than 30 landfills. These services include design and construction oversight of landfill gas flares and landfill gas to energy systems, as well as design and construction oversight for the conversion or installation of active gas vent systems, including wellheads, piping, and blowers.

LGCCS O&M services offered by LaBella include the fine tuning/balancing of existing systems. The goal of balancing is to extract the gas at the same rate that the landfill is producing gas. LaBella’s experienced staff understands how to avoid both too little vacuum and excessive vacuum on a well. Our experience with balancing systems includes beneficial use projects where boundary probe compliance must be maintained, and the quality of the gas must be maximized to gas-to-energy or renewable natural gas (RNG) plants. In accordance with LaBella’s Health & Safety Program, when performing LGCCS-related work, our personnel wear a personal gas detector that monitors for unsafe levels of oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, and lower explosive limits.

In addition, LaBella provides such LGCCS O&M services as condensate management, gas well and wellhead maintenance, and blower/flare maintenance. This maintenance includes troubleshooting; replacement of gauges, valves, fittings, and hoses; and minor piping repairs using a fusion machine. At landfills subject to a Title V permit, wellfield O&M involves maintaining compliance with New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) parameters for pressure, temperature, and oxygen at all wells by making minor adjustments and/or identifying necessary repairs. LaBella ensures that all corrections to well parameter exceedances are initiated within 5 days, and the wells are within compliance within 15 days of the initial exceedances.

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Landfill Gas Management Services

LaBella has extensive experience in all facets of landfill gas management, including the following:

  • Clean Air Act Title V Permitting and Reporting
  • Landfill Gas Management and Remediation Plans
  • Monitoring of Landfill Gas Probes and On-Site Structures
  • Designing & Implementing Remediation of Methane Exceedances
  • Landfill Gas Characterization, Pilot Testing, and System Performance Evaluations
  • Landfill LGCCS Design, Installation, and Start-Up Services
  • LGCCS Operational and Maintenance Services
  • Mobile Gas Extraction Units
  • Odor Assessment and Mitigation Plans
  • Beneficial Reuses of Landfill Gas

We ensure our clients remain in compliance with these requirements. Additionally, in accordance with the federal Greenhouse Gas Inventory Regulations, LaBella prepares the Annual Greenhouse Gas Reports for landfills that emit 25,000 metric tons or more of carbon dioxide equivalent per year. We have also successfully petitioned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for “not required to report” status for several of our clients.


Landfill Gas Compliance Monitoring

LaBella has managed landfill gas compliance monitoring programs at close to 100 landfills. Our services include monitoring boundary probes and on-site structures, notifying regulatory agencies of action level and regulatory limit exceedances, and preparing and implementing Landfill Gas Remediation Plans.

We have supervised the installation of numerous gas probes and passive gas vents. The probes and vents are installed in accordance with the Landfill Gas Management Plan. Detailed boring logs are prepared and then used to evaluate and interpret local geological conditions that may control migration pathways for landfill gas. When necessary, LaBella oversees the proper abandonment of gas probes to prevent the migration of potential surface contaminants into the uppermost aquifer.

Landfill Gas Migration & Odor Remediation

We maintain a team of geologists, environmental scientists, and environmental and civil engineers with the technical expertise and industry knowledge to identify, evaluate, and solve your landfill gas migration challenges.

LaBella designs cost-effective remediation measures – both passive and active. As a cost-saving measure, in some circumstances we implement the use of a mobile extraction unit prior to the installation of an underground LGCCS to test the effectiveness of the proposed solution. In other situations, we conduct pilot testing and system performance evaluations to ensure the success of the selected remedy.

We assist our clients with odor management by conducting odor assessments, preparing Odor Management Plans, and implementing the plans. Our approach includes evaluating the effectiveness of lower cost solutions rather than automatically implementing the newest technology. Although a new technology may be effective at one landfill, it may not perform effectively at every landfill facility.

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