Substation Design

Professional services for your power projects.

LaBella has a long-standing record of success in preliminary and detailed design, permitting, and construction support for substation projects.

Our multi-disciplinary team is uniquely positioned to provide a full spectrum of services for substation design projects. Our skilled engineering professionals understand the critical nature of defining and meeting project scope while navigating the complexities of substation requirements.

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Substation Design Services

Innovation Without Disruption

LaBella’s substation design experts can assist you with air-insulated and gas-insulated substations solutions – from 4.8kV to 230kV – whether needed for existing site upgrades and modifications or Greenfield development.


Because we understand the challenges of state and local permitting compliance, we offer customizable and standard solutions for a “below grade” design package from conceptual to detailed engineering.

Services include:

  • Grading
  • Foundations
  • Drainage systems and stormwater management
  • Grounding grid
  • Conduit and trenches
  • Power transformer oil containments
  • Power transformer firewall protection
  • Access roads


We understand the complexity of local state and town requirements and we take our clients’ needs into consideration. Whether you are building in a rural area or in the middle of downtown, we offer customizable and standard solutions for an “above grade” design package from conceptual to detailed engineering like:

  • Control building (relay panels, facilities, cable raceways, trays, etc.)
  • Bus bar and strain bus
  • Equipment and support structures
  • Assembly drawings
  • Cables and connectors
  • Lightning protection and lighting

Protection & Control

We care about the importance of the reliability and resiliency of your systems. We offer robust protection and control substation modernization solutions, from conceptual design to detailed design.

  • One-line diagrams
  • Schematic diagrams
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Cable lists
  • Panel front views
  • Protection setting calculations
  • IED configuration files

Soil Resistivity & Ground Impedance

Soil resistivity and ground impedance investigations are part of our electromechanical services but may be provided separately for feasibility studies needed for preliminary and conceptual designs.

Grounding is critical to ensure the safety of all personnel accessing a substation to verify that there is a low resistance path for fault currents. Before substation construction begins, soil resistivity and ground impedance tests using AEMC® or SGM equipment are used to verify the theoretical design calculation after a substation is built. Additionally, step and touch voltage tests are used to check if the maximum voltage is under the safe permissible limits.

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