Waste Facility Operations Consulting

One of the most unique benefits of working with LaBella’s Waste & Recycling team is the fact that we don’t just know how to properly design and build your solid waste facility – we also have a thorough understanding of facility operations.

It is with this specialized knowledge that we offer operations consulting for all types of waste management facilities. Our approach to providing operations consulting begins by first understanding our clients’ facility operations. There’s a very long list of important considerations in the development and operation of solid waste facilities. These include issues regarding emissions, ground and surface water, safety, public health, siting construction, design, operations, and many more.

Through the performance of a facility audit focusing on safety, operational procedures, financial performance, and regulatory compliance, we recommend methods to improve operational safety, maintain regulatory compliance, maximize site life, reduce equipment expenses, and strengthen financial performance. We provide recommendations concerning landfill and transfer station operations, composting facilities, landfill reclamation projects, and incinerators.

Focusing on solid waste facility operations also enhances our engineering designs. We incorporate operational considerations into our design process so that our clients’ operations efficiency is maximized, and design and construction costs are minimized.

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Vice President, Director of Waste & Recycling
Richmond, VA

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Our Operations Consulting Services Include:

  • Equipment Selection
  • Evaluating Tipping Fee Rates
  • Financial Performance
  • Facility Compliance Audits
  • Managing Airspace and Operational Soils
  • Operational Procedure Evaluations
  • Protecting Capacity and Life
  • Providing Temporary Certified Manager and Operators