Program Management Teams

Program management with peace of mind.

LaBella’s Program Management Team offers program accountability for client peace of mind. Project realization is enhanced by LaBella’s procedures and tools for materials management, procurement, staffing, and quality performance. Program team members bring the skills and experience required to:

  • Coordinate a selection of small projects within a program objective
  • Portfolio Management; Develop capital budget with client’s management team
  • Monitor material and equipment requirements for project needs
  • Track forecasting and actual spend for annual program budget
  • Coordinate all project level resources
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John Thierfelder
Director of Program Management

(607) 762-7121

Thomas Pavone, PE
Vice President of Program Management Services
Rochester, NY

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Brian Van Auker, PMP, CSM
Program Manager, Gas/Hydro

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Joint Use of Plant

Make Ready Teams

LaBella’s Make Ready Team possesses an in-depth understanding of the Regulatory Requirements associated with the Make Ready process and has worked collaboratively with our clients to develop their respective Make Ready Programs. Our team maintains both client and internal databases, billing systems, and Applicant communications among other software tools to ensure success for all stakeholders in the lifecycle of a Make Ready Application.

Services Provided:

  • Application Administration
  • Milestone Management
  • Billing
  • Regulatory Reporting
Joint Use of Plant

Make Ready Services

LaBella offers long-standing Program Management expertise for Utility Pole Owners. From streamlining the application process through Licensing and Close-Out, our Make Ready process maximizes resources, increases efficiency, and reduces time for deployment.

Application Administration

The LaBella team works on behalf of Pole Owners to facilitate the timely completion of tasks associated with the application lifecycle. LaBella employs a proprietary system through which application notifications are received and managed from receipt to close-out. LaBella personnel track all milestones and hand-offs associated with each application and provide regular status reporting to Pole Owners and Applicant stakeholders.

Milestone Management

Conference calls are conducted with all Application stakeholders on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis depending on the volume and complexity of work. Regular status reporting is provided to all parties that reflects actual completions of project milestones versus planned project milestones. Regular meetings are also scheduled with engineering vendors, construction contractors, telephone companies/joint owners, and internet service providers to ensure the timely construction completion and close-out of each application. Variances to planned milestone completions are reconciled during these meetings.


Labella provides a preliminary review and approval of construction contractor quotes on behalf of our clients. When contractor estimates exceed pre-defined thresholds established by our clients, justification is requested prior to approval, documented, and tracked via a shared document. Following construction, LaBella reviews costs by pole for labor and materials and provides final cost data to clients and performs associated billing to Third party Attachers.

Regulatory Reporting

The Joint Use of Plant/Third Party Attachment Process is governed by regulatory requirements that include periodic reporting to State Regulators as well as other State Agencies. LaBella is well versed in these requirements and performs this reporting function on behalf of our Clients/Pole Owners. Data submitted to regulators includes all pertinent milestones and performance metrics for planned and actual completions versus regulatory defined timeframes.


One Touch Make Ready Team

From application to construction completion, our goal is to streamline. Field surveying, analysis and design, and subsequent work orders may require development and approval from a variety of sources. Our team will avoid redundancies and provide program oversight that maintains compliance with regulatory requirements and timelines.

Customize our services to meet your unique needs:

  • Field Survey
  • Design Analysis
  • Program Management & Administration
  • Project Management
  • Application Submission
  • Structural Analysis/ Pole Loading
  • Construction Work Order Development
  • Procurement of Line Construction Contractors
  • Construction Management
Fiber Cables

One Touch Make Ready Services

LaBella works with utilities, pole owners, and third party attachers to accelerate deployment by streamlining the make ready process.

Field Survey

One Touch Make Ready Survey

The initial phase of the OTMR approach is the collection of field data. Clients provide a map of the area of interest or an actual proposed route. LaBella personnel will then survey each pole location within the requested area. All pole attachments and associated heights are digitally captured and converted into an annotated photo to be used in the design phase.

Design Analysis

Make Ready Design Analysis

Upon completion of the Field Survey phase, LaBella’s design team will create a Make Ready Design Analysis, which includes a detailed design for each required pole included in the Survey. These designs are submitted to the Applicant as well as the associated pole owners for approvals prior to finalizing the Make Ready design.

Application Submittal

Upon approval of the final design, LaBella will complete and submit required applications to pole owners on behalf of the Attacher.