Keith Garbrick

Southeast Regional Vice President


LaBella’s culture and values create a place where every employee is afforded the opportunity to create something bigger than their self.  We collectively support each other to become more than what we could individually.  This includes the clients we work with, the projects we design and the personal success we all strive for. I am forever thankful for the opportunity this company has given me and I strive to provide that same support to all our colleagues.

Working with both public and private clients, Keith has experience in various areas of design and construction providing services on mission critical, criminal justice, educational, commercial, industrial and utility projects. His career has involved projects ranging from both the designer and contractor perspectives for an expert view of industry practices.

Keith is Senior Vice President at LaBella and serves on the Board of Directors. He is responsible for managing and growing LaBella’s presence in the Southeast.

Keith holds dual degrees in Civil Engineering and Construction Engineering & Management from North Carolina State University.  He is a member of Leadership North Carolina, the American Water Works Association, the Rural Water Association, American Public Works Association, and Water Environmental Federation.

He resides in Charlotte, NC with his wife and two children.