Clarkson University: Infrastructure Upgrades 

Campus Beautification in the North Country

Clarkson University has implemented a multi-year effort for “campus beatification” that has included new sidewalks, roads, parking lots, and landscaping throughout the academic and residential portions of the campus. These projects have improved not only the aesthetics but also drainage and circulation along the way.

Over the past 4 years, LaBella Associates has been working with the University to provide full design and construction administration services for the upgrade and reconstruction of site infrastructure, including roadways, sidewalks, parking lots, site storm drainage systems, and site lighting upgrades throughout the campus.

LaBella developed parking lot, roadway, and sidewalk designs to calm traffic, improve traffic circulation, increase parking capacity, and provide safer pedestrian access throughout out the campus.

Utility infrastructure was upgraded in conjunction with these improvements, including water main upgrades, communication conduit installation, site lighting, emergency phone updates, and storm and sanitary replacement. Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans were developed for projects disturbing over one acre, and NYSDEC green infrastructure requirements were met.

Cheel Ice Arena Infrastructure

Another architect was already under contract for a renovation and addition to Clarkson’s ice arena, and in addition to the infrastructure upgrades around campus, the University recommended LaBella to also provide infrastructure upgrades for the arena project.

LaBella completed the site design, including sidewalk, road, and parking lot improvements; a new loading dock; stormwater; utilities; and landscaping for the Cheel Ice Arena renovation and addition. The project began construction in fall 2018 and was completed in fall 2020. Adding more than 30,000 sq. ft. to the building, the project was implemented over several construction phases to ensure the space was at least partially functional at all times.

Groundwater conditions discovered during construction of the building created concerns for the University and the design team. LaBella worked with the design team to investigate and prepare a solution that alleviated long term concerns.

The facility will be among the venues for the Adirondack Global Sports Commission to use in the World University Games in 2023.

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