Dryer Road Park Parking Lot Expansion

Addressing Parking Challenges at Dryer Road Park

The Town of Victor partnered with LaBella in a joint effort to address parking challenges at Dryer Road Park. The project, initiated in response to parking overflow during summer events, aimed to increase capacity, streamline permit requirements, and improve safety and accessibility.

LaBella’s design added 60 parking spaces (a 43% increase) while minimalizing permit requirements, ensuring a swift and cost-effective solution.

Additional lighting was strategically installed throughout the parking area, creating a well-lit environment during evening events and improving overall visitor safety. In line with current accessibility standards, LaBella made significant enhancements to ADA spaces, making Dryer Road Park more inclusive and accessible to all members of the community.

The project was completed on time and under budget. The expanded parking capacity and improved safety measures contribute to an enhanced experience for park visitors, creating a more accessible and enjoyable recreational space for the local community.