West River Shoreline Enhancement for Beaver Island State Park

Greening Grand Island's Beaver Island State Park

The West River Shoreline Enhancement project is located on Grand Island, NY. This is a 3-year long project that covers over 6 miles of state-protected shoreline. Property boundaries cover from the northern end of Grand Island to the southern end of Grand Island. LaBella is currently partnered with Wayside Landscaping to complete all tasks on site. These tasks include the following:

  • Native plantings
  • Native seeding
  • Cut stump invasive species management
  • Foliar invasive species management
  • Brush removal

The invasive species that were treated on site are woody (tree/shrub) species such as:

  • European black alder
  • Multiflora rose
  • Autumn olive
  • Privet
  • Common buckthorn
  • Glossy buckthorn
  • Japanese barberry
  • Honeysuckle