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LaBella Congratulates Civil Engineer Mallory-Squier-Babcock on Earning Her PhD!

Congratulations Mallory Squier-Babcock, PhD!


Mallory is a Civil Engineer and a member of LaBella’s land development team in Buffalo, New York. She has worked for LaBella for three years on a variety of projects that involve developing hydrologic models and designing green infrastructure measures for large site development projects. Mallory’s prior work experience and educational knowledge has earned her trust and respect as a technical advisor by coworkers and clients.

Mallory’s doctoral program included a research project titled “Hydrologic Performance of an Extensive Green Roof in Syracuse, New York.” This endeavor involved a team of researchers who extensively examined a large green roof system to gain a deeper understanding of its climate impact and performance of similar systems. The research article emphasizes the significance of green infrastructure, particularly green roofs, in mitigating flooding and minimizing detrimental consequences to ecosystems. To accomplish this, a green roof system in Syracuse was meticulously monitored over a period of 21 months. The study carefully recorded a range of metrics, including retention peak flows, peak delay times, retention depths, rainfall depths, seasonal variations, and the effects of evapotranspiration.

Congratulations on this remarkable achievement, Mallory!