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5 Things Commercial Lenders Should Know About the New ASTM Phase I Standard

The new version of ASTM E1527 Standard Practice for Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) was published in November 2021. This standard outlines the process that environmental consultants follow when conducting Phase I ESAs to assess the environmental risk associated with real estate.

As the updated standard has included several changes to the previous 2013 Standard, LaBella would like to provide you with what we consider to be the top five differences in the standard that could affect commercial real estate lending.

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About the Author
Gabrielle Krawiec
Senior Due Diligence Specialist

Gabrielle is LaBella’s Environmental Business Development Specialist and is responsible for client management, business development, and the coordination of client’s needs. Gabrielle has managed over 1,000 projects throughout the Eastern United States with particular project focus in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, and the Carolinas. With her expertise with all of LaBella’s services, Gabrielle provides assistance to understand the client’s needs, and identify services that will add value to their projects. She has worked with diverse clientele, including financial institutions, attorneys, government agencies, and private developers.