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Flooded With Stormwater Calls? Consider a Drainage Improvement Area

Sound familiar? Your office is fielding numerous calls about drainage issues on residential properties. Investigation reveals that the failed drainage infrastructure is the responsibility of a homeowner who assumes the problem is the Town’s. The homeowner doesn’t have the right equipment, know-how, or financial means to keep engineered drainage infrastructure in working order. But you don’t have the budget or legal standing to assume maintenance in all developed areas.

For our long-time client, the Town of Victor, a Drainage Improvement Area (DIA) was the answer. Recognizing that property owners still expect the Town to assist with drainage (even when under no legal obligation to do so), and desiring to avoid costly drainage “emergencies” impacting multiple properties, the DIA presents a mechanism for the Town to step in.

Simply put, the DIA allows the Town to perform maintenance and improvements on drainage infrastructure without assuming ownership or liability from the property owner. However, the Town is not obligated to do so, allowing officials the ability to determine if and when they’ll step in.

DIAs are funded as part of the Town’s tax, and future DIAs will be established for new residential subdivisions as part of the approval process. The Town will manage all DIAs administratively as one program. Criteria for a DIA has been established, but in summary, DIAs will be zoned residential and have engineered (rather than natural) drainage infrastructure that impacts multiple property owners.

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“Underlying the development of the DIA is the belief that properly functioning stormwater management systems benefit all that live, work, manufacture, conduct commerce, and recreate in the town.”