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LaBella and Edgewater Resources Get REDI

LaBella Associates and longtime partner Edgewater Resources (the team behind the Port of Rochester marina, pictured above) are ready to help strengthen the infrastructure along Lake Ontario’s waterfront. The NYS Resiliency and Economic Development Initiative (REDI) provides $300 million in funding to restore and improve impacted areas. The LaBella/Edgewater team has the expertise to get solutions funded and constructed.

Supporting local communities has long been a priority at LaBella. We have been serving municipalities since our inception in 1978, and are constantly on the lookout for programs that will help achieve your community goals with as little financial impact as possible. Our team has obtained over $465 million in aid on behalf of our clients for a variety of waterfront, infrastructure, and economic development projects.

Michael Kopy, the Governor’s Director of Emergency Operations said, “We need to start looking at this flooding as the new normal”. Our civil and structural engineering teams work together to ensure your shoreline is restored and able to withstand these new conditions. Bridges and structures can also be affected by the high water levels. Our team can rehabilitate or replace bridges, design retaining walls and slope stabilization, hydraulic analysis, and do culvert analysis and design.

Edgewater’s coastal engineers understand water levels, wave dynamics, circulation, and sediment transport. Edgewater provides detailed desktop modeling of wave climate and propagation to determine the most cost effective design strategies, and they have developed some of the most innovative shoreline armoring systems and channel modification strategies to passively redirect sediments to greatly reduce dredging demand.

Edgewater is internationally recognized for their knowledge and experience in nearshore hydrodynamics, arctic and ice processes, harbor tranquility, breakwaters, fixed and floating marine structures, dredge material disposal, shore protection, port planning, marina design, and risk analysis.

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