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Recycling Realities – As Published in “Talk of the Towns”

LaBella’s Director of Waste & Recycling Jenny Johnson was published in the September/October issue of Talk of the Towns, a publication from the Association of Towns of the State of New York. In the article, Jenny shares recent changes to the economic realities of curbside recycling and offers some suggestions for other ways to meet recycling goals.

The article is available in PDF format (see page 10).

About the Author
Jenny Johnson
Vice President, Director of Waste & Recycling

Since 1998, Jenny has provided solid waste consulting services to facilities in Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, New York, and Maryland. She provides technical oversight to solid waste projects, is responsible for client and regulator relations, and has developed project management tools used by staff to ensure regulatory deadlines are met. Jenny supports LaBella’s technical staff and programs with training, technical standards, standard operating guidelines, quality control, and health and safety policies. Her experience includes landfill permitting and compliance, negotiations with regulators, groundwater remediation, odor management, landfill gas collection and control systems, and stormwater management. Additionally, Jenny has served on several Regulatory Advisory Panels for amendments to Solid Waste Management Regulations and Stormwater Regulations and has testified at the General Assembly on legislative bills concerning solid waste.