Cayuga Correctional Facility – Classrooms and Office Addition, Building 38

New Classrooms Provide Higher Level of Individually Tailored Programming for Inmates

As part of the Residential Rehabilitation Unit (RRU) program, this project involved providing the Cayuga Correctional Facility with classroom and associated office space designed to provide inmates with more individually personalized programming geared towards treatment and rehabilitation rather than punishment.

To facilitate this program, this project consisted of several key components and renovations to Building 38, including:

  • Three basement-level classrooms with the capacity for eight inmates each
  • Two second floor classrooms with the capacity for ten inmates each, as well as woven rod mesh partitions around the open core area
  • Staff and inmate toilet rooms
  • Four staff offices and a conference room
  • All inmate areas received full CCTV camera coverage to monitor inmate movement and door control