Welcome to LaBella, the new home of the ODELL team! Learn about our greater capabilities and project resources.


In November 2021, ODELL proudly joined LaBella Associates, a multi-disciplinary firm with a renowned culture of partnership. From our new home at LaBella, ODELL will continue to deliver our design vision to your specifications, leveraging LaBella’s extensive architecture and engineering expertise and resources.

As we transition to the LaBella name, we’re working hard to blend our teams for added advantages. These include broader geographic coverage, a larger talent pool, and a wider range of services, encompassing architecture and other design disciplines. Our ODELL studios will maintain familiar design teams, now with additional expertise nearby.

LaBella offers services in the same markets as ODELL, with improved capabilities and a stronger team. For more information about LaBella’s offerings in these markets, click on the section below to explore their comprehensive architecture and engineering services.


Meet the Experts
When we were looking for ways to expand our design services, broaden our geographic reach, and have a larger team of experts, LaBella emerged as an ideal partner. We’re excited to build on ODELL’s 80 year legacy with the innovation and transformation that is possible because of the environment that LaBella offers. The benefits of joining LaBella are palpable to our design team, clients, and communities.Brad Bartholomew, AIA, LEED BD+C
National Design Director
It’s been wonderful to be part of the merger of two strong healthcare practices, and the opportunities that expanded geography and resources bring! The integration has been made easier by collaborative team members and an exceptional LaBella culture. We see opportunities for innovative healthcare delivery and solutions across new and existing partnerships, and it makes us very excited for the future.Rick Peterson, AIA, ACHE
Studio Leader
When ODELL was approached by LaBella Associates about a possible acquisition/merger, we did our homework to learn all we could about LaBella and to help ensure this would be a good partnership for ODELL. The first thing we learned was that the senior leaders are all top-notch professionals who act with integrity and with a can-do attitude. We were also impressed with the firm’s diverse practice with capabilities to tackle nearly anything dealing with the built environment through multiple offices in the U.S. and Europe.Michael Woollen, AIA, LEED AP
Studio Leader

LaBella’s Similar Markets

Discover LaBella’s shared service market capabilities


At LaBella, we know educational facilities should excel in performance and easy maintenance. Our designs prioritize program needs and long-term cost-efficiency.

LaBella’s Higher Education Offerings


In healthcare, interdisciplinary care teams bring valuable advantages to complex cases. The same applies to your facilities projects. Our teams consist of diverse healthcare design specialists collaborating to address your major challenges.

LaBella’s Healthcare Offerings


Our work spans all scales, from individual homes to entire neighborhoods. Our wide range of services provides valuable insights into areas such as water usage, traffic planning, stormwater management, utilities, telecom, alternative energy, and any sustainable elements a community seeks.

LaBella’s Residential Offerings

Sports & Recreation

We collaborate with your team to understand usage patterns, ensuring our designs optimize space usage effectively.

Whether indoor or outdoor, we meet all your athletic needs with over 15 years of expertise in athletics and community spaces.

LaBella’s Sports & Recreation Offerings


Today, office design is more comprehensive, considering various functional needs and cultural aspects. At LaBella, our diversified expertise lets us utilize our healthcare team for employee wellness strategies, our justice team for unobtrusive security solutions, and our hospitality team for attractive amenities.

LaBella’s Workspace Offerings