Dutchess County DPW On-Call Land Surveying Services Term Agreement

A Decade of Land Surveying in Dutchess County

LaBella held a term agreement with the Dutchess County Department of Public Works for on-call land surveying services from 2010 to 2012, then 2012 to 2021. Under this term, LaBella provided services, including right-of-way and property boundary surveys, easement preparation, topographic survey, and control survey for various bridge and culvert replacement projects and land acquisition.

Projects include:

  • Camby Road CR 90 Culvert Replacement
  • Hudson Valley Regional Airport Property Boundary Survey
  • Bridge H-28 Replacement – Survey for Taking/Easement Maps
  • Hollow Road CR14 – Survey for Drainage Easement Acquisition
  • CR81 Wassaic Easement
  • CR55 Milan Drainage Easement
  • Rail Trail Hopewell Train Station – Property Boundary Survey and Staking
  • CR8 Easement
  • CR50 ROW Determination
  • 170 Washington Street – Poughkeepsie Property Boundary and Topographic Survey for Acquisition and Site Design for Proposed Medical Examiner’s Office
  • Ridge Road Construction and Drainage Easement
  • CR83 Stake ROW/Adjoiner Property Line for Vegetation Clearing
  • CR43 Bridge PO-17X Replacement
  • CR9 Drainage Improvements and Resurfacing
  • CR18 Culvert Replacement
  • CR58 for Coleman Station Road Culvert Replacement