D’Youville College of Arts, Science and Education

New Educational Building Provides Enlightening Experience

The new School of Arts, Sciences and Education delivers contemporary science labs, classrooms, offices, conference rooms, and student lounges to the expanded campus. The project scope comprised restoration of three stories of an existing building, construction of a new four-story wing, and a multi-story atrium connector intended to inspire student and faculty interaction within the building’s circulation hub.

Additionally, the atrium serves as the building’s main entrances from Niagara and Prospect streets. At Niagara Street, a more formal entrance features a salvaged historic façade and an exterior terrace facing the thriving West Side neighborhood. A contrasting modern arrival from Prospect Street is the primary student entry point and features a large, cantilevered glass façade that gestures to the campus center and promotes visual connections of the active interior and approaching students, staff, and visitors.

Communication and collaboration are encouraged with carefully conceived interior meeting spaces and open study areas. Primary circulation zones incorporate skylights to transmit natural light into the interior of the building, including laboratory spaces through the generous use of glass in corridor walls.