Pennsylvania-American Water Company Master Service Agreement

In It for the Long Haul

When the Scranton Sewer Authority (SSA) was sold to the Pennsylvania-American Water Company (PAWC), LaBella – who served as the SSA’s Engineer – was asked to enter into a professional service agreement to be able to provide continued support to PAWC.

Services Provided by LaBella

Review Requests for Sanitary Sewer Capacity

LaBella reviews requests for sanitary sewer capacity for projects proposing additional flows into PAWC’s system. Requests are submitted as part of the PA DEP Planning Module process. Reviews  include both the collection lines and treatment plant capacity.

Review Stormwater Connection Permit Applications

LaBella reviews the stormwater design calculations associated with PAWC’s Stormwater Connection permit, which covers combined stormwater/sanitary sewer lines. Applications are required to ensure that stormwater getting into the combination system is reduced by 25%.

Property & Easement Surveys

LaBella has completed Boundary Surveys for PAWC facilities at various locations.

Surveys for Scranton Wastewater CSO Mitigation Plan

LaBella will be conducting detailed surveys of CSO regulators and each outfall structure. Individual plans will be prepared, and recommendations will be made to address inflows into the regulators from the outfall structures.

Design Work on Sanitary Sewer Line Replacements

LaBella has completed multiple projects that involved replacing deteriorated sanitary lines within the system. Work has also been completed to replace lines that have been determined to be back pitched or have severe sags in the profile.

Design Work on PRV Station Upgrades

LaBella has completed numerous projects that involved replacing existing PRV stations with new structures and up-to-date equipment, incorporating each station into PAWC’s SCADA system.