Solid Waste Engineering and Environmental Services for Franklin County, VA

A Solid Partnership: LaBella and Franklin County

LaBella has been Franklin County’s solid waste engineering and environmental consultant since 1990. During this time, we have provided a broad range of services for Franklin County’s landfills, including the following:

  • Regulatory Relations
  • Engineering Services
  • Construction Phase Services
  • Permitting & Design Services
  • Environmental Services
  • Title V Permitting Services

Examples of Our Project Experience With Franklin County

Regulatory Relations

  • Negotiated a Consent Order with Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VDEQ) for landfill operational issues

Engineering Services

  • Developed long-range cost model to evaluate future disposal options for the County; based on the results of the model, the County constructed the first phase of a permitted Subtitle D landfill adjacent to its unlined landfill

Construction Phase Services

  • Provided construction design, bid phase services, and construction management with a construction quality assurance (CQA) program for the landfill construction in late 2012 (Permit No. 577)
  • Provided preparation of bidding documents, as well as provided bid phase services and construction phase services for Phase 2 of the landfill (Permit No.577) in 2017; construction included the installation of site protection fencing and erosion sediment control devices, as well as construction of a DEQ-approved alternate liner system and the leachate collection and removal system
  • Prepared bidding documents and provided bid phase services and construction phase services for Closure of Permit No. 72 MSW Landfill in 2021

Permitting & Design Services

  • Prepared the Part B Permit Application for Cell 1 through Cell 6 of the Franklin County Sanitary Landfill Permit No. 577, encompassing approximately 45 acres
  • Prepared revisions to the Permit No. 72 Closure Plan to include multiple capping options, including closure turf

Environmental Services

  • Performed groundwater compliance monitoring and reporting
  • Delineated extent of groundwater contamination and designed an active groundwater extraction and treatment system
  • Assisted the County in negotiations with VDEQ and an adjacent property owner to address groundwater contamination off-site
  • Successfully negotiated with the VDEQ to reduce analytical parameters required for corrective action, saving the County several thousands of dollars annually in monitoring costs
  • Conducted corrective action groundwater monitoring and treatment system maintenance, including submittal of monthly Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs)
  • Prepared annual Corrective Action Site Evaluation (CASE) reports
  • Manage a landfill gas remediation project for the facility
  • Manage the site’s Virginia Pollution Discharge Elimination System (VPDES) permitting and monitoring
  • Prepared Greenhouse Gas Reports in accordance with federal requirements

Title V Permitting Services

  • Prepared the NSR and Title V Operating Permit applications; submits routine reports and maintains compliance with the permit requirements
  • Conducted Tier 2 sampling to determine site-specific NMOC concentrations for Title V reporting