Village of Saranac Lake Park Vision Plan

A True Community Visioning Process

The Village of Saranac Lake’s 11 parks serve as tremendous community resources that the Village is continuously leveraging for the benefit of its residents as well as dynamic destinations for visitors. The primary purpose of the Park Vision Plan was to establish a unique and holistic plan to enhance key parks in the Village, including the development of visionary designs and prioritized improvements throughout the park system.

The Village Board of Trustees, the Community Development Department, and the Parks and Trails Advisory Board led a coordinated public participation process that was supported by the residents and regional stakeholders. The visioning process included community workshops to solicit programming needs and build consensus for the park uses, recreational opportunities, preservation features, and to ensure that a wide range of amenities were provided in the Village’s parks.

LaBella reviewed the existing conditions, recreational features, opportunities, and challenges of all 11 parks. Conceptual designs, plans, and illustrative perspectives to best program each park were developed. LaBella conducted community workshops and met with key stakeholders to evaluate the conceptual park designs and programming, then prepared the final Park Vision Plan with estimates of probable cost to implement the recommendations at each park. The project was funded in part by the NYS Department of State Local Waterfront Revitalization Program.


Community workshops were held to engage Village of Saranac Lake residents in the development and evaluation of conceptual park designs and programming.