Town of Kendall REDI Projects

Restoring and Protecting a Shoreline Community and Its Residents

Many communities along the southern Lake Ontario shoreline have faced challenges due to elevated water levels and an extended pattern of flooding. The Lake Ontario Resiliency and Economic Development Initiative (REDI) was created to increase the resilience of shoreline communities. The Town of Kendall was awarded grant funding for three projects within their town.

  • NO 32: Thompson Road
  • NO 61: Public Town Road Ends, Culverts in Kendall
  • NO 62: Hamlin-Kendall Intermunicipal Wastewater Infrastructure

Learn more about each of these projects below.

REDI Project Overview

The Lake Ontario Resiliency and Economic Development Initiative (REDI) granted the Town of Kendall funding for three projects within their town.

NO 32: Thompson Road

The Thompson Drive turnaround previously provided beach access to the Lake Ontario shoreline for local residents. As the water levels in Lake Ontario rose, the shoreline slowly eroded away. As a result, the shoreline was no longer accessible or safe for residents.

After REDI funding was granted, LaBella was hired to provide administrative, environmental (SEQR review), and engineering services to assist the Town with the design and permitting to repurpose this area into beach access and provide shoreline protection that still allowed the site to remain a public park amenity.

More than 550 feet of shoreline protection was designed using both large, stacked rocks at water level and a vegetative buffer of low growing shrubs. Combining these two techniques allows the planting material to bind the soil together.

The park includes a small parking lot with 10 additional parking spaces, a handicap parking space, a turnaround area for larger vehicles and equipment, and temporary bathroom facilities. Concrete pads were installed for picnic tables, benches, and a future pavilion. To enhance the park experience, BBQ grills were installed near the picnic areas. A variety of trees were planted throughout the site to add additional shade locations. A gravel walking path was installed through the vegetative buffer for a scenic walking trail.

Project Cost: $425,000

Project Completion Date:
June 2023

NO 61: Public Town Road Ends, Culverts in Kendall

The Public Town Road Culverts project involved the replacement of four roadway cross culverts located in the Town of Kendall.  All culverts are located within 200 feet of Lake Ontario and are negatively impacted by high water levels and wave action. The culverts are located at Thompson Drive, Knapp Shore (West), Knapp Shore (East), and Edrose Shore. All are dual corrugated metal pipes in poor condition. The culverts were recommended to be replaced with structures that are more resilient to the conditions along the lakeshore.

The completed project achieved the following resilience goals:

  • Replaced deteriorating culverts with structures that are more resilient to wave action and standing water
  • Provided replacement culverts that are easier to maintain
  • Mitigated potential for flooding impacts

Project Cost: $950,000

Project Completion Date:
Fall 2021

NO 62: Hamlin-Kendall Intermunicipal Wastewater Infrastructure

High water levels in Lake Ontario have resulted in reduced functionality of septic systems in shoreline residences in the Town of Kendall. This poses a public health risk, as groundwater and surface water sources used for potable water consumption, agriculture, and recreation could be contaminated with untreated sewage. Additionally, individual properties subject to flooding are at risk of damage from septic system inundation and backups.

Using REDI grant funding, the Town of Kendall plans to address the effects of this issue by disconnecting the affected properties from the septic system and connecting these areas to a sanitary sewer and conveying wastewater to a treatment facility.

The Kendall Sewer District project includes:

  • Low-pressure sewer (LPS) collection system serving properties along the entire Town of Kendall shoreline and the Beachwood Park Road neighborhood in the Town of Hamlin.
  • Conventional gravity/pumped forcemain conveyance system conveying the collected sewer to the 12-inch interceptor sewer in the Town of Hamlin.
  • Final treatment at the Northwest Quadrant Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) by Monroe County Pure Waters System (MCPW) in the Northwest Quadrant Pure Waters sewer district.

The LPS collection system includes grinder pumps, service laterals, and forcemains. Grinder pump stations will be installed at each developed private property parcel. The occupied structures on each parcel will be connected by gravity via 1¼-inch high-density polyethylene (HDPE) laterals to the grinder pump stations, which will pump the wastewater into a HDPE low-pressure forcemain (diameter varies along the length of the forcemain as more properties are connected). The forcemain will run approximately 6.5 miles along the shoreline to the Troutburg Pump Station mainly in the public right-of-way. Due to the elevation profile and length of the forcemain, an intermediate pump station is proposed adjacent to Lomond Shore East.

Due to the need to overcome grade elevation changes, two additional pump stations are required in the conveyance system downstream of Troutburg. The Troutburg Pump Station would be located on the Cottages at Troutburg parcel, close to the existing Troutburg WWTP, which would be decommissioned. Since another pump station would be required near the Hamlin Beach State Park, it would be sensible to locate it at the existing Hamlin Beach State Park WWTP near Moscow Road and utilize the 125,000-gallon equalization tank at the site.

The project also involved significant design, permitting, and coordination hurdles, including the creation of an intermunicipal agreement between the Town of Kendall, Town of Hamlin, New York State Parks, Monroe County, and Monroe County Pure Waters.

Project Cost: $9.7 million

Project Completion Date:
Design Completed Winter 2022; Construction Start Date Pending