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In Session: Fall 2019

Looking Forward and Looking Back

Depending on who you talk to, 2020 may represent the start of a new decade, or the conclusion of the previous one. The theme of this issue is that both points of view – looking forward and looking back – are equally important.

We are continuing to assist our districts in keeping their students safe from contaminants that originated decades ago – we have updates to share on lead and mercury sources that we now know must be remediated.

We also have taken a deep dive into the results of a recent pilot program that implemented “Classroom of the Future” strategies at Hilton Central School District. There were many important take-aways from our analysis, and while these “lessons learned” benefit from hindsight, we are sharing them knowing that they’ll play an important role in the future of classroom design.

Our team is also sharing the trends and topics from EdSpaces 2019, along with some predictions on what we’ll be talking about in 2020 and beyond. We’d love to know your thoughts on education design in the next decade.

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School’s In Session

It’s easy to rest on the expertise acquired in over 30 years of design for K-12.  We’ve completed over $800 million in Capital Projects for schools and along the way we’ve learned a thing or two.

However, we believe experience alone isn’t enough to add real value to our clients. Just as our industry and business has evolved, so has education.  The science of learning has advanced, and so too must our classrooms.

In Session is an awareness that for us, school is always in session. We continue to seek opportunities to learn from experts in pedagogy, benchmark projects from across the country, and explore new material and technology applications.  We spend time researching the questions and issues facing our clients and share what we learn here with you.

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