East Irondequoit Central School District – 2015 Capital Improvement Project

Designing Technology-Based Learning Libraries for the 21st Century

Ivan Green Primary School and Eastridge High School in the East Irondequoit Central School District have been long overdue for a facelift since their conception. As the District moves towards the future of classroom design and the role of technology in daily education at every grade level continues to grow, the District’s emphasis has been pushed towards creating spaces to accommodate this transition.

LaBella has worked with the District over several years to develop designs for inspiring new libraries that exemplify modern progressive design and classroom learning/teaching. The modern design of libraries helps signify and promote the future of classroom instruction and facilitate the growth of technology-based learning. Accommodations within the library spaces have been designed to allow for flexible space definition by the user through moveable furniture.

Libraries With a Futurist Feel

Eastridge High School’s library received a complete overhaul of new finishes, furniture, and a new circulation desk. Vibrant shades of blue emphasized District branding, while tones from wood-look luxury vinyl tile flooring warmed the space and created spaces-within-space for students to gather. To align with the progressive methodology of the District’s technology vision, new furniture was selected to feature power and data connectivity, as well as complement the refreshed interior space. All pieces were specified with flexibility in mind, allowing the space to be used as a library, lounge, large gathering space, and functions that have yet to be imagined. Additionally, individual student work spaces are built into the wall for students to use in their free periods throughout the school day.

It’s All About School Pride

Ivan Green Primary School’s library features smaller spaces for teacher and student reading and collaboration spaces. Energizing hues of blue and yellow evoked sunny skies and created a sense of wonder throughout the space. The school’s “Be Enthusiastic About Reading” program inspired custom graphics for wallcovering and decals featured hand-drawn, playful bears reading books and peeking out from behind blocks of color. Primary colors were featured throughout all interior finishes and furnishings, including acoustical clouds and panels, child-appropriate furniture, and carpeting. Mobile book stacks were specified to allow for maximum flexibility within the space and were arranged in a radiating pattern for maximum sightlines from the librarian’s office to all parts of the library.

Shading for Optimal Comfort

Because the main building façade has southern exposure, a large cantilevered overhang was designed in analysis of the sun angles throughout the school year to assist in shading the large storefront system as well as limiting solar heat gain within the space. The fifteen foot overhang also shades and protects a portion of the outdoor learning space that teachers frequently utilize in their curriculum with the planting beds in the courtyard.


Citation Award Winner

LaBella Associates is proud to announce that the Library Upgrades at Ivan Green Primary School has been recognized by the American Institute of Architects Rochester Chapter as a recipient of a 2020 Citation Award.

The link below features additional information on the award and project, as well as hearing detailed conversations with Architect, Justin Shaffer, and Interior Designer, Danielle Lewis.

AIA 2020 Design Award Recipients

Featured in the Spring 2018 In Session Issue

With the shift to the classrooms of the future and the evolution of technology based learning, more and more school districts are looking at ways to modernize and renovate their facilities. When integrating 1:1 learning into your design, not only will you be looking at furniture and finishes, but the technology that goes along with it. LaBella’s K-12 Studio Manager Kevin Rademacher, AIA sat down with East Irondequoit CSD Chief Information Officer Joseph Sutorius to discuss 1:1 initiatives and how to successfully implement them.

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