Charlotte Readiness Center

Advanced Planning at a North Carolina National Guard Facility

The LaBella team was responsible for advanced planning, design, bidding administration, construction administration, and inspection of on-site remediation improvements for the Charlotte Readiness Center at 4240 West Boulevard.

A matrix of six potential improvement alternatives were developed to address significant erosion, storm drainage, and pavement failures, along with options to maximize on-site parking and military vehicle storage during the planning phase.

In addition, geotechnical exploration was conducted to identify potential sources of the pavement failures. The planning study summarized the alternatives that were developed and evaluated, advantages and disadvantages, costs for construction, cost-sharing opportunities, and final recommendations.

The design phase included refinement of improvements and development of construction documents for on-site infrastructure repair, as well as coordination with the City of Charlotte, Charlotte Douglas International Airport, and the North Carolina Department of Transportation. Construction of improvements was implemented in phases and included storm drainage system upgrades, water upgrades, asphalt and concrete pavement repair and replacement, retaining walls, site lighting, and site landscaping for a total construction cost of $2.3 million.

For the site to accommodate staff and personnel needed for the planned Republican National Convention in August 2020, the majority of improvements were constructed within a four-month period and the site was ready to receive North Carolina National Guard personnel.

Methods, Approach, & Controls

The LaBella team implemented the following (at right) to complete the study, design, and construction in an effective, timely, economical, and professional manner.

Quick Response & Team Implementation

The client was concerned the abrupt onset of pavement failures at multiple locations was due to decay-related settlement and/or the release of gases because the site had previously been used to stock-pile stumps and/or was a landfill.

Our team was able to perform geotechnical borings and assessments within one week of initiating the project to ensure the safety of the military personnel using the site and protecting the community. In addition, design and construction activities were accelerated to meet the client’s desired schedule.

The LaBella team planned for and was able to provide prompt direction to the contractor when unforeseen subgrade conditions were encountered. The planned design and recommendations ultimately provided a significant cost savings for the owner and were used to construct other improvements at the site.

Stakeholder Coordination

Significant coordination and communication with North Carolina National Guard site personnel occurred during the construction phase of on-site improvements. The team effectively maintained ingress/egress and access to MOV/POV parking areas through detailed phasing of improvements.