Chilled Water Piping System Relocation

LaBella Formulates New Route for Chilled Water Piping System

LaBella Associates was selected by the Client to provide design and engineering services for a new chilled water piping system that would run between two separate (but connected) buildings. The new piping system is needed to replace the existing, leaking piping located below the first building’s first floor slab.

Our team conducted a study to evaluate a pipe route through which approximately 800 equivalent feet of 12-inch chilled water piping would run from the basement of the first building to the ground floor of the second building. The study also noted that an evaluation of the proposed chilled water system’s friction losses was necessary to confirm that the route would not adversely impact system performance or exceed the building’s booster pump capacity.

The proposed route identified by this study required detailed design drawings with an extensive pipe support system. The proposed pipe route also required design support for renovation activities, adjusted layouts, reconfiguration of walls, and the removal and reinstallation of ceilings, power, lighting, and fire protection systems. Our team developed complete piping plans, elevations, sections, details, and specifications.