Rochester Area Reliability Project (RARP)

LaBella Partners With Local Utility to Improve and Construct Substations in Rochester, NY

The Rochester Area Reliability Project (RARP) consists of improvements to three substations and construction of a new 345kV/115kV substation with the purpose of ensuring reliability of electrical service in the Rochester area. The project includes installation of 1.9 miles of new 345kV transmission lines in the Town of Henrietta and 23.6 miles of new 115kV transmission lines in the City of Rochester, the Town of Chili, and the Town of Gates. The project was reviewed and approved by the New York State Public Service Commission (NYSPSC) through the Article VII application process.

Environmental tasks performed during this project included the following:

  • Environmental Management and Construction Plan (EM&CP) Development
    • Wetland and stream delineation
    • Protected species surveys
    • Wetland and stream permitting with NYSDEC, NYSPSC, and USACE
  • Environmental Monitoring / Agricultural Monitoring
    • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) inspections
  • Wetland mitigation site construction monitoring, post-construction monitoring, and reporting to applicable agencies
    • Spoils Management
    • APEC Study

Non-environmental tasks performed during this project included the following:

  • Design of 115kV underground transmission lines
  • Coordination and design of overhead lines
  • Development of Work Zone Traffic Control plans for overhead and underground transmission line installations
  • Coordination with Town, County, and State agencies to obtain highway work permits (including amendments and renewals during construction)
  • Overall project management support for scheduling, permitting, engineering, etc.
  • Engineering inspections during construction
  • Construction management and document control