SR 3003 Structure Replacement

Structure Replacement Over Mehoopany Creek Improves Roadway Alignment

LaBella was selected by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation District 4-0 to provide preliminary engineering, final design, and construction services on a structure replacement of Section 073 of SR 3003 in Mehoopany Township, Wyoming County, Pennsylvania. Specifically, the project involved relocating the roadway to improve the alignment and convey SR 3003 over Mehoopany Creek.

The structure consisted of a two-span, prestressed concrete PA bulb-tee beam superstructure on reinforced concrete integral abutments founded on piles. Each span is 121 feet, 4 inches, for a total structure length of 242 feet, 8 inches. The superstructure includes five 63.25-inch prestressed bulb-tee beams and 8-inch reinforced concrete decks. In addition, a hammerhead pier – Type A with a spread footing on H piles – was utilized at the mid-span, while approach slabs were used at both approaches.