Wells for Private Development

Testing of Individual Wells within Planned Subdivision

In order to meet Town of Goshen, NY requirements, LaBella Associates worked for a developer to conduct well testing activities on three candidate water supply wells. These wells were drilled on three different lots as part of a proposed eight-lot residential subdivision.

The wells were simultaneously tested at a rate of 5 gallons per minute (gpm) each for a period of 72 hours. The target flow rates were selected based on water demand calculations and required peak factors/buffers and as such, exceeded actual expected project water usage. Water budget calculations suggest the site is more than capable of sustaining the water withdrawal contemplated for the project.

Well testing was performed in accordance with an approved testing protocol and results indicated that each of these three wells can sustain a discharge of 5 gpm. Off-site monitoring was conducted at five well locations during the test period. Electronically logged and manual measurements of well water levels before, during and following the test period identified minimal to no impacts. Furthermore, no influence on groundwater baseflow entering the adjacent creek was evidenced.

Water quality sampling and analysis identified no significant water quality defects and confirmed the probable potability of groundwater throughout the subdivision. Based on the results of the testing, approvals needed for the site were met.