One of LaBella's first clients was the Village of Clyde.  We're proud to still service Clyde as a client today.  Since then, we've worked with countless towns, cities and villages as expert stewards of our public resources and infrastructure.

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McAdenville, NC: A re-purposed church has become a modern town hall.


Maintenance Projects

Oftentimes, municipal systems or facilities will go decades without upgrades or repairs. When these systems or facilities fail, it is important to find a proper fix, quickly and cost effectively. Our engineers routinely assist with water and sewer system repairs, local road rehabilitations, and structural upgrades to ensure that residents receive safe and reliable service. Additionally, our staff can advise municipal personnel on maintenance plans that aid in system or facility longevity.

Renovation Projects

When regular maintenance will not solve an issue and new construction is unnecessary, renovation projects become the solution. These projects can range from an addition or expansion of a building to the installation of new water or sewer systems to upgraded HVAC and electric equipment. LaBella’s staff will work hard to understand the important issues and prioritize municipal needs to ensure client satisfaction.

New Construction

As municipalities grow and change, their needs transform too. Population growth, the economic climate and social culture are just some of the factors that can contribute to the need or desire for new construction. Whether it’s a new Town Hall, Village Park or City Plaza, LaBella’s architects, engineers and environmental consultants will work with municipal officials to find the best solution.


Maintenance, renovation and new construction projects all cost money. It can be difficult for municipalities to plan for certain upgrades, or too costly to produce the results that are most desired. In these instances, LaBella’s planning and grants consultants become a valuable asset to our clients. These staff members are vigilant when it comes to matching our municipal clients with the right grants to fund their projects. Additionally, if municipalities are looking to cut operational costs, our energy engineers can perform a NYSERDA-funded energy study and provide recommendations for reducing energy usage.

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